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Quirky, artistic and snarky Mattie Lowe does not lead a charmed life. Her mother is constantly belittling her online. The school mean girl has made it her mission to torment Mattie. But worst of all? Her stepsister is the most popular girl in school and is dating Mattie's secret crush, Jake Kingston. Tired of being left out and done with waiting for her own fairy godmother to show up, Mattie decides to change her life. She'll start by running for senior class president against Jake. Ella can keep her Prince Annoying. Mattie's going to rule the school. And no one, not even a cute and suddenly flirty Jake, is going to stop her.

When her father collapses at the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth Bennet’s world crumbles. Her mother insists that she marry Mr. Collins to save the family from certain ruin, Lady Catherine makes a disastrous visit to Longbourn, and Mr. Darcy seems set on saving Elizabeth from herself whether she wants his assistance or not. Throughout it all her beloved father lays unresponsive, and with each passing day the future looks more and more uncertain. And then, just as it appears that all will be well, a letter arrives that changes everything Elizabeth thought she knew. But it is not from Mr. Darcy, and it may come too late to save the family from ruin of a different kind.

Wish I Weren't Here
By Sandra D. Bricker

Drew Nolan is the antithesis of everything that Victoria Townsend holds dear. The suntanned Floridian's sickeningly healthy and relaxed view of life contradicts her chain-smoking, business-suited, take out-ordering New York existence in every way. Not that it would matter, of course; except that her boss' idea of looking out for the best interest of his stepdaughter is to banish Vic to the shores of Tampa-St. Pete.
What this public relations siren doesn't know about romance could flood the sandy shores surrounding her. But if six months revamping Drew's ailing business that caters to the romantically impaired is what it takes to get her name engraved on the corner office reserved for Creative Director, she'll figure it out somehow. One crazy wedding at a time.

Lauren Dalton’s world shattered the day her father died. Now she’s willing to move four-thousand miles away from the only home she’s ever known in hopes of discovering the truth about his hidden past.
Shane Ramsey’s reputation says all anyone needs to know. He’s an amazing racer, but a terrible person. When an injury leaves him unable to work his dogs, he must swallow his pride and accept help for the sake of his team. Will Shane open his home and his heart to the young woman who already shares his greatest love? Will Lauren find her place—and the truth about her family’s past—in helping the cantankerous Shane?

Sarah doesn’t talk to strangers. Aiden won’t shut up. When they find themselves next to each other on a plane, unexpected sparks begin to fly.

On the big screen, Mia plays a woman in love. But in real life, she’s an actress in need of a break from her real-life philandering husband—the megastar who plays her romantic interest in the movies. So she heads across the English Channel to hide in Paris behind a new haircut, fake eyeglasses, and a waitressing job at her best friend’s restaurant. Paul is an American author hoping to recapture the fame of his first novel. When his best friend surreptitiously sets him up with Mia through a dating website, Paul and Mia’s relationship status is “complicated.” Even though everything about Paris seems to be nudging them together, the two lonely ex-pats resist, concocting increasingly far-fetched strategies to stay “just friends.” A feat easier said than done, as fate has other plans in store. Is true love waiting for them in a postscript?

The Gravity of Us
By Brittainy Cherry

Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another. I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed. Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another. Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend. Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever. Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.

Accident Prone
By Sheila Claydon

The end of a long-term relationship leaves interior designer Alex Moyer emotionally bruised. Determined to concentrate on her career, she is thrilled when her boss asks her to redesign a hotel in the Canary Islands. Matt Anderson, the hotel's handsome owner, has emotional problems of his own, so when Alex starts to melt the ice around his heart, he tries to ignore it. Alex proves hard to ignore, however, when Matt has to constantly rescue the accident-prone designer. After he steps in to save her from the clutches of the untrustworthy Francesco Pascual, things begin to get out of hand. It becomes clear that dating Alex was part of Francesco's bigger plan to cause the hotel to fail. On top of that, Matt and Alex are falling for each other, which doesn't suit either of them. Can they ignore their growing mutual attraction as they attempt to foil Francesco? If they succeed, well, Alex will have to return to London anyway...won't she?

The Fine Line
By Alicia Kobishop

Liv Evans has her life mapped out. Work two part-time jobs, study hard during her senior year, and save enough money to get her own place. There's no room in that plan for romance. If her mother's serial relationship disasters have taught her anything, it's that getting involved with a man only results in heartbreak. Liv is tired of losing the men she's grown to love and doesn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes. So, she makes a rule. No attachments. But when she meets street racer Logan Tanner, her determination for a future free of emotional pain is put to the test. The moment her eyes lock with his, her heart beats wildly against the walls she's built around it. She's drawn to his world of underground racing. Even becomes his flag girl. With every encounter, every touch, and finally, every kiss, Logan cruises through all her red lights. The moment she's ready to give in to the inevitable, their world comes crashing down around her in an emotional, complicated, and dangerous mess, leaving her to decide...Is love worth the struggle? Or worth fighting for?

And Then She Was GONE
By Christopher Greyson

Stacy Shaw has her whole life ahead of her. New job, new house and now a baby on the way—everything she's ever hoped for is finally coming true. But on a warm summer night on the way home from work, she vanishes. The police race to find her, but the clues don't add up. Conflicting facts emerge as her story twists and turns, sending the trail spiraling in all directions. A hometown hero with a heart of gold, Jack Stratton was raised in a whorehouse by his prostitute mother. Jack seemed destined to become another statistic, but now his life has taken a turn for the better. Determined to escape his past, he's headed for a career in law enforcement. When his foster mother asks him to look into the girl's disappearance, Jack quickly gets drawn into a baffling mystery. As Jack digs deeper, everyone becomes a suspect—including himself. Caught between the criminals and the cops, can Jack discover the truth in time to save the girl? Or will he become the next victim?

The Traitor's Club: Ford
By Laura Landon

Captain Fordham Remington has survived countless dangerous missions fighting the foreign enemies of the Queen while maintaining his cover as a traitor to the Crown. Now he undertakes the far less threatening assignment of finding out who is stealing from Her Majesty’s shipping company, and nearly gets himself killed.
Lady Calinda Barclave has worked alongside her grandfather, Admiral Barclave, to run Her Majesty’s Crown Shipping Company for four years. When she’s unable to discover who is behind the company’s shortage in profits, she turns to the dashing Captain Remington for help. But when she discovers his betrayal, she realizes she’s lost the shipping company she loves. And her heart along with it.

Kiss and Tell
By Loretta Hill

When Alex's sister dies in a tragic car accident, she is left as the legal guardian to her sister's two young daughters. A budding freelance journalist, Alexis barely makes enough money for herself, let alone a mini-family. Upon learning that the elusive jazz singer Max Deroux is coming to town to celebrate his thirtieth birthday, Alexis realizes that this could be her big chance to turn things around. Getting an exclusive interview with this famous recluse is worth thousands. She had expected that crashing his birthday ball while pretending to be a rich socialite would be hard. And managing to get some alone time with him even harder. But what Alexis hadn't counted on was her professional interest turning into attraction and her indifference becoming admiration. Max is everything she's ever wanted in a man. If only she wasn't everything he's always hated...

Greta Samuelson was only fourteen the year Kansas bled, but by the time the Civil War had ended, she was a woman of steel. The war had left only broken pieces of men for single women to comb through, so there wasn’t much for her in Atchison, Kansas. She longs to go west where her brother is. When the wagon train driver arrives in town, he’s got a letter he wants her to see. It’s from a schoolteacher announcing his desire for a wife, primarily asking for a woman of good composure, strong sensibilities and sufficient education to assist him. Greta has not had a great deal of formal education, but she has a good writing hand, and sends back a letter saying she is interested. When Marston first meets Greta, he is disappointed. He had expected a mature, scholarly woman, not a mere slip of a twenty-year-old girl. Greta, however, sets out to prove she is a woman to contend with, even for a thirty-two-year-old teacher. She rolls up her sleeves and takes on the Wild West with as much fortitude as she had shown while living through the Civil War. But can she win Marston’s heart in time to be a Christmas bride? Or will he decide she is too young for him…

Orphaned Lucy St.John, described as "the most beautiful of all," defies English society by carving her own path through the decadent Stuart court. In 1609, the early days of the rule of James I are a time of glittering pageantry and cutthroat ambition, when the most dangerous thing one can do is fall in love...or make an enemy of Frances Howard, the reigning court beauty. Lucy catches the eye of the Earl of Suffolk, but her envious sister Barbara is determined to ruin her happiness. Exiling herself from the court, Lucy has to find her own path through life, becoming mistress of the Tower of London. Riding the coattails of the king’s favorite, the Duke of Buckingham, the fortunes of the St. Johns rise to dizzying heights. But with great wealth comes betrayal, leaving Lucy to fight for her survival—and her honor—in a world of deceit and debauchery.

Unlikely Dad
By Sydell I. Voeller

Rachel Dillion treasures living in the small town where she raises her young son Michael and owns a bed and breakfast. Because of Rachel's divorce from his father, Michael has suffered emotionally and is failing in school. Chad Merrick, Rachel's old boyfriend, returns home to help his mother sell her property. Once again, Rachel is powerfully attracted to Chad, yet she is also cautious. Chad is a renowned international wildlife photographer who loves wide open spaces. She can't imagine that he would ever settle for the humdrum small-town life. She's convinced, as Chad is, that his visit is temporary. Chad begins tutoring Michael and soon fills in as his dad for a community Boy Scout project. While Rachel is grateful for Chad's help, her caution meters skyrocket. Before she knows it, Michael has become too attached to Chad. Can Rachel protect her son from further hurt and abandonment? And most of all, can she allow herself to fall in love with Chad—this time forever?

Rachel Sevier, a lonely thirty-two year old inventory specialist, travels to Wynnedower Mansion in rural Virginia to find her brother who has stopped returning her calls. Instead, she finds Jack Wynne, the mansion’s bad-tempered owner.  He isn’t happy to meet her. Jack has his own plans. He’s tired of being responsible for everyone and everything. He wants to shake those obligations, including the old mansion. The last thing he needs is another complication, but he allows Rachel to stay while she waits for her brother to return. At Wynnedower, Rachel becomes curious about the house and its owner. If rumors are true, the means to save Wynnedower Mansion from demolition are hidden within its walls, but the other inhabitants of Wynnedower have agendas, too. Not only may Wynnedower’s treasure be stolen, but also the life of its arrogant master, unless Rachel can save them.

A widow at twenty-six, Primrose Bloom returns to idyllic Good Hope, Wisconsin, with her two rambunctious young boys, seeking the beauty of the lakeside landscape and the comfort of home. After the loss of her husband and her job, all she’s looking for is peace. Prim is resolved not to date again until her boys are in college, but her will starts crumbling whenever she’s around her former high school debate partner, Max Brody—who just happens to live in the charming cottage next door. Max has reservations of his own about giving love a second chance and is determined to keep his distance. But when the two pair up to work on the town’s Fourth of July celebration, the fireworks over Green Bay aren’t the only sparks flying. Are Prim and the small-town boy she left behind perfectly wrong for each other…or perfectly right?