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She thought it would be a quick trip. Show up. Say the right words. Then she'd be gone. She never counted on meeting him. The football star. The single dad. He knew she was shattered by some event she kept hidden under lock and key. The clues on her body failed to reveal her secrets—unlike scars on his body that clearly publicized his. The clock was ticking, giving him only a short time to uncover the true meaning of the flower branded into her flesh. Because if she got back on that plane, he knew it would be forever.

Two things I love: baseball and Lacey Stark. Back in college, I had them both. But after graduation, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I let Lacey go. Five years later, I can't complain. A Cy Young winner, I've achieved what I set out to do—pitching in the Major Leagues. Life is great. Until it's not. And the day it all went south? The day Lacey Stark appeared at my post press conference. The reality of not having her slams against my chest. Lacey's still sexy as hell, sporting more curves and a little more sass. Pitching in the Major's isn't the only thing I want anymore. Now, it's time to go after what I've denied myself all these years. I want Lacey and will stop at nothing until I make her mine. Lacey seems determined to stay away, but we belong together. I know this. I just need to convince her to give me another chance.
Because one thing is guaranteed, I won't stop until she's back in my arms.

By Erin Noelle

Numbers. They haunt me. I can't look into a person's eyes without seeing the six-digit date of their death. I’m helpless to change it, no matter how hard I try. I’ve trained myself to look down. Away. Anywhere but at their eyes. My camera is my escape. My salvation. Through its lens, I see only beauty and life—not death and despair.
Disconnected from all those around me, I’m content being alone, simply existing.
Until I meet him. Tavian. The man beyond the numbers. How can I stay away, when everything about him draws me in? But how can I fall in love, knowing exactly when it will expire?

The very pizzas that I deliver for my dad’s restaurant, Peretti’s Pizza. It’s a temporary job, something to pay the bills until I graduate from school, but it does the trick. In fact, it's working quite well until Ryan Pierce of the Minnesota Stars decides to order a pizza from me, and life as I know it turns upside down. You see, Ryan Pierce doesn’t just open his front door. He opens it buck naked. And suddenly, I’m not the one boasting the biggest, hottest package in the room. However, it’s what happens next that gives me butterflies whenever my phone beeps. Ryan starts to call, and then text, and then fifteen pizza deliveries and one fantastic night later, we’re friends with benefits. So when he asks me to be his fake girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, I’m happy to help. But the longer we pretend, the more I worry that this is one package I might not be able to handle.

Be My Reason
By Samantha Christy

Brooklyn wanted two things. Her own bakery. And Nate Riley. Opening her own business was the easy part. Trying to forget about Nate when he disappeared was the hard part. Now, years later, she's running her bakery while engaged to the ideal man.
Then the unimaginable happens. She is left shattered once more and vows to never love again. An unexpected meeting with Nate has him back in her life, wanting a second chance. He'll do anything to win her back. But Nate must confront his demons before he sends Brooklyn's life into another tailspin. Can they reconnect and overcome their obstacles to be together? If there is such a thing as destiny, does it win at all costs?

By S.L. Scott

Six foot three. Dynamic green eyes. Utterly irresistible. Ethan Everest stole my breath the first time I saw him. He romanced me with skill, dazzled me with his charisma, and proceeded to steal my heart right after. I might have fallen for his easy-going smile the first time we met, but I fell for him the second time. Honey-colored hair. Cherry-kissed lips. Captivatingly gorgeous.
Singer Davis was the first, and only, woman to ever intimidate me. She spoke to my heart with her wit, seduced me with her eyes, and became the only thing that made sense in a world that made none. I let her slip through my fingers once. I won’t make that mistake twice. Secrets broke us apart. Can a second chance bring us back together?

By Deborah Bladon

One month. One job. One opportunity of a lifetime. As a real estate broker in New York City, my life primarily consists of my work.
I've been on the hunt for new clients, so when Julian Bishop, the CEO of Bishop Hotels, offers me the exclusive contract to sell all twelve residential units in his newest luxury hotel, I jump at the chance.
The one condition is that if I can't find a buyer for the most expensive unit within thirty days, I'm out and another broker takes over. I need to ignore the fact that Julian and I have been dancing around our mutual attraction for more than a year. I can't focus on his chiseled jaw, his ocean blue eyes or what's under his three-piece suits. This is my once in a lifetime shot to make a mark on the Manhattan real estate market. I'm determined to concentrate on the job Julian hired me to do, but when he starts appearing around every corner, the line between business and pleasure blurs.
His past won't let him go. My future is in question. I want it all, but I may end up with nothing at all.

Hollywood Scandal
By Louise Bay

One of Hollywood’s A-listers, I have the movie industry in the palm of my hand. But if I’m going to stay at the top, my playboy image needs an overhaul. No more tabloid headlines. No more parties. And absolutely no more one night stands. Filming for my latest blockbuster takes place on the coast of Maine and I’m determined to stay out of trouble. But trouble finds me when I run into Lana Kelly. She doesn’t recognize me, she’s never heard of Matt Easton and my million dollar smile doesn’t work on her.
Ego shredded, I know I should keep my distance, but when I realize she’s my neighbor I know I’m toast. There’s no way I can resist temptation when it’s ten yards away. Getting Lana Kelly into my bed is harder than I’m used to. She’s not interested in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but I’m determined to convince her the best place in the world is on the red carpet, holding my hand. I could have any woman in the world, but all I want is the girl next door.

Fault Lines
By Rebecca Shea

At eleven he was my first crush. At sixteen he became mine. At nineteen he broke my heart and destroyed me. That was ten years ago and the last time I saw Cole Ryan. They say you never get over your first love...I beg to differ. I left my shattered heart buried in a town I never expected to return to. I erased every thought of him and buried the memories never to be found. I moved ten years later I have the perfect life, the perfect fiancé, the perfect career. Everything I ever wanted until I'm forced to go back and face my past and the man that destroyed me. He won't stop until I know the truth no matter how hard I fight it. In the end, lies will be uncovered, hearts will be broken, and my life as I've come to know it destroyed.

Bad Habit (Bad Love Book 1)
By Charleigh Rose

BRIAR. I was infatuated with Asher Kelley the moment he came tumbling through my brother’s window five years ago. We couldn't ever be together. I was too young, and he was too untouchable. As I got older, harmless flirting turned to stolen moments in dark corners. Until one day, he was gone without a trace. Now, three years later, he’s back. Callous and cruel. He’s my brother’s best friend. My parents’ worst nightmare. I should hate him. But like a Bad Habit, I can’t quit him. ASHER. I was drawn to Briar Vale from the first time she looked up at me with stars in her big, blue eyes. She was just a kid, nothing but elbows and knees, but she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. Eventually, the temptation became too much to resist. I risked everything for a kiss and she betrayed me. Now she's all grown up. She’s my best friend’s baby sister. I hate her for what she did. But she's always been my drug of choice.

Drowning Erin
By Elizabeth O'Roark

Erin Doyle can’t stand manwhores, and she particularly can’t stand Brendan Langstrom—the guy who avoids relationships like the plague and never sleeps with the same girl twice. She and Brendan have waged a war of mutual disdain for years, but when Brendan picks up the pieces after her world unravels, they’ll be forced to admit that beneath their dislike is something else entirely—something they’re not supposed to feel. Because Brendan isn’t just her nemesis.... He’s also her fiance’s best friend.

BENTLEY. I haven’t felt the compulsion in a long time. I thought it was behind me. But something about her makes me want to let go and give in. Explore the darkness lurking deep inside of me. We would never work. She’s pure. I’m not. My scars go deep. My secrets are too dark for her to understand.  SAMANTHA. Bentley Strongwell. My new boss. Dark scruff on his sharp jaw. Sexy lower lip. Eyes that are a brilliant green. His suit stretches across a broad chest, and tattoos peek out of his shirtsleeves. He is sex personified. He’s not just demanding. He’s ruthless, hell-bent on controlling everything around him. Including me. I hate it. Well…kind of. I know I should stay away from him. And yet something about him makes me want to pry beneath the surface and find out why he is the way he is. It’s true when they say be careful what you wish for. Because the only thing that could threaten Bentley Strongwell’s hold over me is the darkness of his past.

Marina is hot, blonde, and wickedly smart, but when it comes to men? She's hopeless. Between her quirks and her lack of filter, there isn't a man in Los Angeles that will stick around after the third date. Her handsome, charming friend Lazarus has the opposite problem. Everyone wants to be the sexy Brit's girlfriend, but he gets bored and moves on quickly. There's only one way to figure out why neither of them has cracked this love thing—they'll date each other. On paper, it's the perfect experiment. But in reality, things between Marina and Laz get complicated quickly. They might be bad at love, but they are even worse at being friends.

A Steel Heart
By Amie Knight

Five seconds. A deafening blast. Pain. Silence. That was all it took for an IED to end my life as I knew it. The man I was shattered in a hard wave of sound and debris that rained down on me like death itself. And six months later, after waking up to an inescapable hell, I found myself wishing that death had found me. Until her. Miranda Jacobs swept into my life like a cool breeze on a smoldering day. With her smart mouth and her ridiculous jokes, she brought me back to life one minute at a time. Turned out time wasn’t on our side. Five seconds. Screams. Twisted metal. Silence. And I’d lost it all again—only this time, I had no one to blame but myself.

Beautiful Mistake
By Vi Keeland

The first time I met Caine West was in a bar. He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out. When he attempted to talk to me, I set him straight―telling him what I thought of his lying, cheating, egomaniacal ass. You see, the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend-smooth talking her into his bed, all along failing to mention that he was married. He deserved every bit of my tongue-lashing and more for what he'd done. Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant. Only it turned out, the man I'd just told off wasn't the right guy. Oops. My mistake. Embarrassed, I slunk out without an apology. I was never going to see the handsome stranger again anyway, right? That's what I thought...until I walked into class the next morning. Well, hello Professor West, I'm your new teaching assistant. I'll be working under you... figuratively speaking. Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing―working under Professor West. This was going to be interesting...

Tempt Me: A Stark International Novella
By J. Kenner, Julie Kenner

When sexy Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter whisks his girlfriend Jamie Archer away for a passionate, romance-filled weekend so he can finally pop the question, he’s certain that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes. So when Jamie tries to avoid the conversation, hiding her fears of commitment and change under a blanket of wild sensuality and decadent playtime in bed, Ryan is more determined than ever to convince Jamie that they belong together. Knowing there’s no halfway with this woman, Ryan gives her an ultimatum – marry him or walk away. Now Jamie is forced to face her deepest insecurities or risk destroying the best thing in her life. And it will take all of her strength, and all of Ryan’s love, to keep her right where she belongs.