abandoned breaths

Abandonded Breaths.jpg

Abandoned Breaths is the debut poetic collection from Alfa. Between these pages she has gathered the warehouses of the unsaid and weaved together the voices that have remained silent in our heartbroken hotels. All the abandoned breaths that we hold on to after serving time in heart warfare never really go away. They cling to dusty shelves, tucked into darken chambers among past wreckage; longing to be given life. She has cleaned house and opened musty windows, letting pulsing words breathe and transform into poetic release. The focus of these writings is to give the heart and soul permission to ache after love and loss. The author is unapologetic about her realistic take on heartache and grieving. She touches on the past, trying to make sense of her experiences, to move forward. This book is filled with timeless and vintage feeling poetry. It will touch every individual that reads it - as we have all experienced heartache throughout life... no matter the age group.